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Swimming Classes in Electronic City, Bangalore

Candor International, Electronic City

We offer programs for both adults and children of all levels and abilities of swimming at our Indoor pool that you can safely use year-round without having to battle the Bangalore sun. Our three major focus areas for students are as follows:


1. Water Safety: Our first goal is to ensure beginner swimmers are water safe. Therefore apart from teaching the fundamentals of the swim stroke we help our students learn how to handle themselves in different types of water bodies, understand currents, basic rescue and CPR skills as well as handling themselves in emergencies. Most water accidents happen when participants who have done a 10-15 lesson program think they have mastered swimming and make mistakes. Therefore, we highly recommend our long term coaching + membership program for beginners to learn a complete program before independently swimming.

2. Stroke Development / Correction: This program is for advanced swimmers or adults who learnt to swim in their youth but are not totally confident in their stroke. Our stroke development programs provide tips and techniques to get you to swim longer, faster and more confidently across the 4 swim strokes - freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breast stroke. The stroke advice is based on the global Michael Phelps Swimming curriculum developed in Baltimore at a swimming pool that has produced an Olympian at every Olympics since 1984 so you know you are getting the best advice!

3. Fitness, Weight Loss or Injury Recovery: We also design and develop tailor-made programs for adults who would like to use swimming as a way to improve their physical fitness. Our coaches are trained to design week-long programs and routines to help you achieve your fitness goals. We have helped people who joined for just weight loss to those training for triathlons and other endurance competitions. Our programs also include dry-land training and with our in-house nutritionist we provide a holistic approach to physical fitness. And of course, our coaches will continue to help refine your technique to ensure that you achieve your goals as soon as possible

Apart from our coaching technique, we help you achieve your goals in the water by offering:

  • The lowest swimmer to coach ratio in the city of 7:1 even in the summer to ensure you get the attention you or your child needs in the water
  • We do not have camps or even start or end dates. Join when you want, start when you want, choose your weekly timings and all you have to do is finish your classes within a specified time period. And don't worry, if you miss any classes we will help you do make-up classes to get back on track and finish on time
  • Our coaches are permanently present at each location so you know you will be training with the same coaches even if you come at a different time during the week.

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