Learn To Swim With The 4 B’s

In the science of swimming, right technique matters more than speed. Once the basics are strong there is no looking back. Here are the fundamental principles of swimming at Michael Phelps Swimming School.

The 4 B’s

Michael Phelps Swimming bases all swim instruction on the 4 B’s: breath control, buoyancy, balance, and body position. Continue reading “Learn To Swim With The 4 B’s”


5 reasons why your child should learn to swim now

There is no better time for a person to learn swimming than as a child. It keeps them healthy, keeps them cool in the sweltering weather, and teaches them an important life skill. This is why you should get your child to take Swimming Coaching in Whitefield, preferably with Michael Phelps Swimming School at The Zuri Hotel. Let’s talk in detail about the five most important reasons why your child should learn swimming.

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Why is swimming the best summer workout?

With the sun already beating down our necks and the impending summer months stretching long before us, it is hardly of any surprise that swimming is the only workout option that can help us beat the heat and stay fit at the same time. If you still don’t know swimming, then joining a swimming school or even a swimming summer camp just for the summer, will provide you with a world of difference, fitness-wise.

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