5 reasons why your child should learn to swim now

There is no better time for a person to learn swimming than as a child. It keeps them healthy, keeps them cool in the sweltering weather, and teaches them an important life skill. This is why you should get your child to take Swimming Coaching in Whitefield, preferably with Michael Phelps Swimming School at The Zuri Hotel. Let’s talk in detail about the five most important reasons why your child should learn swimming.

Safety from drowning

Every year, several fatalities occur around the world because of drowning. A vast majority of these fatalities and accidents are young children. Because they are smaller and lighter, they can get washed away into deeper water easily, when they are at the beach, river or a larger lake. That’s why it’s very important that your kids know how to swim, from a very young age. This is one safety skill that will be quite handy for them at different steps of their lives.

Low-impact sport

Of all the different physicial activities and outdoors sports, swimming is one which requires high physical stamina along with the safety factor of being really low-impact. Since your child is going to be in the water constantly during their swimming lessons, there are lesser possibilities of them getting injured because of a bad fall. This is why you should already get your child enrolled in Swimming Lessons in Whitefield.

Health Improvement

Starting on a proper exercise regime very early on in life can work wonders for your health and fitness. The advantage swimming has over other sports is that it is a cardio exercise and a muscle training exercise, combined in one. It strengthens your cardiac muscles, stabilizes your heart rate, improves your breathing and increases overall stamina. It also manages to work all the important muscle groups in your body, thus stimulating proper muscle development and definition.

Fun Summer activity

Letting your kids indulge in the cool waters of the swimming pool is an excellent way of helping them blow off steam during the long, arduous months of summer. They get to splash around in the water, which is a great outlet for all their energy, and as a result they are calmer and more relaxed at home. It also will help them stay healthy because of proper body temperature regulation that happens when they will be in the water.

Learning an important life skill early in life

It’s an undeniable fact that swimming is an extremely valuable life skill that can come in handy at any moment in their lives. By teaching them how to swim early on, you’re imbibing them with the gift of swimming. Kids tend to pick up new things way faster and better than adults. So if the proper swimming strokes and techniques get encoded into their genetics as a child, then chances are that its going to become a part of their muscle memory.

Although there are additional advantages of your child learning how to swim, like learn about perseverence and teamwork, these five should be reason enough for you to enroll your child in Swimming Classes in Whitefield.

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