Why is swimming the best summer workout?

With the sun already beating down our necks and the impending summer months stretching long before us, it is hardly of any surprise that swimming is the only workout option that can help us beat the heat and stay fit at the same time. If you still don’t know swimming, then joining a swimming school or even a swimming summer camp just for the summer, will provide you with a world of difference, fitness-wise.

Good for Muscle building

Every single style of swimming – the breast stroke, the back stroke, the butterfly stroke, and freestyle, uses a different set of muscles. You get a complete workout of all your major muscle sets with just a few laps of swimming. That is why regular swimmers have well-defined muscles, even at very young ages.

Good for stronger lungs

Swimming requires controlled breathing, which increases lung endurance and strengthens them. Because you are required to be in water, you can’t breathe as much as you would while running or any other form of land-based cardio activity. That is why most basketball and soccer players across the planet practise swimming – so that they can control their breathing better during live games.

Good for regulating Body temperature

Running in the summer months can be quite a burden, because of the incessant sweating. And so can most other cardio exercises, with the exception of swimming. Because you’re in the water constantly, you will not be sweating at all. Swimming regularly during summer will also help control the overall body temperature of a person throughout the day. That is why there is such a rush for swimming coaching in the months of April and May.

Good for Heart condition

Swimming is especially beneficial for those with slight heart conditions. Since your body position is horizontal during swimming, your heart feels less stress in terms of blood circulation. The gentle pressure of the water surrounding your body also promotes healthy blood circulation.

Because of all these reasons and many more, a swimming summer camp is a great workout option to go for this summer season.

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