The Michael Phelps Swim School is looking for inspirational coaches to join our team at locations across Bangalore. Prospective candidates should have strong organisational skills and communication skills with swimmers and parents. A minimum of ASCA Level 1 and KSA Level 1 certifications are required. Prior coaching experience, and ex-State and National level swimmers are preferred. Once employed, coaches will also be put through the Michael Phelps Swim School coaches training to educate you in the specific technique and coaching methodology followed by us.

These are full time positions for coaches willing to work with all levels of swimmers - beginners, advanced beginners, and intermediate. We run our programs throughout the year, and are looking for coaches to work all 12 months in the year, as opposed to only summer, at competitive pay packages. Our coaches play a pivotal role in the successful delivery of our program, and in ensuring that each swimmer follows a developmental path that is in line with the policies and procedures of Michael Phelps Swimming. There is always great potential for the continuous personal and professional growth of our coaches,

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