Coach Profile

Nagaraj K.

Coach Nagaraj has had an affinity for water ever since he was a child. Despite having no formal training, he could always be found splashing around in rivers and lakes for most of his childhood. As he grew older, Nagaraj learned the correct swim technique that further added to his powerful form in the water.

Coach Nagaraj has done his KSA Level 1 certification, which makes him a proficient lifeguard, complementing his skills as a coach. He then worked as both a coach and lifeguard at Pooja Aquatic Centre, known for producing some of the best swimmers of our country, for 3 years before embarking on his journey with Michael Phelps Swimming.

As a coach, Nagaraj believes in never ever raising his voice, but ensuring at the same time that every swimmer learns perfect technique. His successas a coach stemsfrom his ability to connect with people as a means to get through to them. He is extremely patient and calm in the pool which translates into long lasting relationships with every swimmer who has trained under him.

Tharun Kumar

Coach Tharun first took to swimming at the age of 6 at the KC Palace Swim Club in Bangalore. By the age of 14, Tharun was representing the Karnataka State team at various swim meets. Being gifted with an unbelievable natural talent to sprint in the water, he was always the first choice to swim the anchor leg in the freestyle relay events at both District and State levels.

At 22, he is one of our youngest coaches, but is one of the most experienced, having worked at the KC Reddy Swim Club for over 7 years. He also works as a civil contractor and undertakes interior decor projects for residential apartments.

Coach Tarun has done the KSA Level 1 certification, and ASCA Level 1 and 2 certifications. Tharun firmly follows the philosophy of treating swimmers under his guidance as individuals, and customising his coaching based on his understanding of each swimmer's abilities. He believes that with the right guidance, students can push their limits organically to achieve what may otherwise be considered impossible.

Nitesh Chintala

Coach Nitesh was first introduced to the joy of swimming aged five at the Cosmopolitan Club at Jayanagar in South Bangalore. Enrolled in the summer camp, his then coach noticed that Nitesh had a natural ability to move fluidly in the water and hence advised to take his training to the famed pool at the Basavanagudi Aquatic Centre.

By the age of eleven, Nitesh was competing at the State level and was wholly immersed in competitive swim training till the age of eighteen. His winning ways helped him secure medals in several State and University level competitions in both swimming and water polo.After his schooling, he completed an undergraduate course in hotel management and thereafter began working as a chef in one of the leading hotels in Bangalore. But the water was his true calling and it was not long before he decided to move away from working in five star kitchens and get back to the pool – this time with the intention of motivating kids and adults both to take to the beautiful world of swimming. And thus he was initiated into the Michael Phelps Swim School team aged just twenty-two after already having coached at summer camps across the city.

Nitesh firmly believes that swimming is more than just a sport or a way of keeping physically fit. In his words “Swimming helps people to bring to the surface the true nature of their personality as it enables them to develop a confident and optimistic approach to life”.

Salim Anwar

Having coached all levels of swimming for the past 20 years, Coach Anwar is one of the most experienced of all the Michael Phelps Swimming coaches in Bangalore. The rapture of swimming hit him when he saw his son, Asif, being trained professionally by Dronacharya Awardee NiharAmeen, which was when he decided that he wanted to coach professionally. He left his job as a Section Manager for HMT Limited in Delhi, and moved to Bangalore in 2000 to understand how the city is able to produce the best swimmers in the country.

Since then, he has been the Chief Coach at Patels Inn Club and Resort, and conducted camps at Royal Concorde International School and Vibgyor International School. From 2013 to 2016, Coach Anwar has coached with the Nisha Millet Swimming Academy, helping swimmers across all levels to achieve their goals in the water. He is an aqua aerobics instructor with Aqua Curves, a Bangalore based organization. He is also proficient in swimming pool maintenance and is an independent contractor to maintain pools across Bangalore.

His knowledge of the technique involved in all four strokes is impeccable. Coach Anwar firmly believes that the best way to learn is to teach. He also enjoys researching about developments in swim technique, loves to engage in discussions regarding all aspects of swimming, and is always up to date with the most recent news in the sport.

Joshy Mon Mathew

Coach Joshy has been training young swimmers of all abilities for over 20 years, with a lot of his students going on to win medals at the State and National levels. Joshy turned a hobby into a career by starting out as a lifeguard at the KC Reddy swimming pool for 7 years. He understood the nuances of water safety and starting honing his skills as a coach at this point of time. Joshy embodies the Michael Phelps Swimming philosophy of water safety being an outcome of correct swim technique.

After finishing his KSA Level 1, and ASCA Levels 1 and 2 certifications, Joshy started coaching at Gurukul Academy, where he worked for 2 years. He then moved on to coaching at Global Swim Centre for 7 years and produced swimmers of the highest caliber, including our very own Coach Tharun. Coach Joshy’s prowess was recognized when he was selected to represent Karnataka as the Junior Level team coach for South Zone in 2016.

Coach Joshy has all the hallmarks of a well-rounded coach, with his ability to create drills and workouts based on the needs of each swimmer, but simultaneously being able to inspire first timers to love this sport as much as he does. He also feels that the right technique is key for any swimmer to succeed, and that is what he would like to concentrate on perfecting before moving on to speed and endurance training.

Kumaran P.

Coach Kumar is from the old guard of swimming coaches, who believes in giving an intellectual input to each swimmer in addition to technical training. He has produced swimmers who have a deep understanding of the sport besides being exceptional athletes.

Kumar has done the KSA level 1 certification, and has attended courses on water safety. He has given invaluable inputs to our team since becoming a part of our academy on easy-to-remember water safety techniques and rescue in different situations, so that even a first timer can start to be safe in water. Coach Kumar is a certified Learn to Swim instructor as well, and is especially good at helping people with hydrophobia to overcome their fear of water and begin swimming. He is adept at making someone entering a pool for the first time feel extremely comfortable in what would be an unfamiliar environment for them. He has also coached swimmers who have participated in National level swim meets and stood in the top 3.

Swimming has brought about a sense of discipline and focus, and has helped Kumar develop as a person. That is what he wants kids and thriving swimmers to learn and inculcate in their life. He wants to use all the knowledge he has garnered over the course of his career to help nurture young talent.

Chetan Sharma

Coach Chetan is a National Record holder in long distance freestyle swimming in 400,800 and 1500 metres. He has represented Karnataka and has won more than 300 medals at the National Games, Senior Nationals, and at the State and South Zone levels. Chetan has recently represented Karnataka at the All India Open swim meet held at Hyderabad and has won several medals in the year 2016. He credits his efforts as a recognized swimmer to the training rendered to him by his coach Pradeep Kumar, a Dronachaya awardee.

Chetan is adept at training swimmers across all levels of swimming, from beginners to competitive swimmers. However, his forte is long distance endurance training. He focuses on the development of each individual student, and loves to promote the culture of swimming among all age groups.

Asif Anwar

Consultant Coach: Asif Anwar

Asif is a former National Medalist in Backstroke and Freestyle for Karnataka and has won a total of 192 Medals at National, State, South Zone and District levels. He specializes in Freestyle and Backstroke and has developed and learned his swimming skills from Dronacharya Awardee NiharAmeen. Asif had joined the Michael Phelps Swim School as the Head Coach of our program topositively impact the swimming prowess of our members. He is now working as a manager for the ANZ Bank, while also acting as a Consultant Coach for Michael Phelps Swimming. He assists the coaches with planning and executing every session, and optimally utilizing the space of the pool to benefit every swimmer.

His coaching philosophy is to follow a very scientific approach with every student, and make them understand the correct technique for every stroke before implementing and developing the skill in the water. He believes in the importance of making his students understand why they are doing what they are doing, and explaining the concept behind every drill to them. Asif is the current Karnataka State Master Champion in Backstroke and Freestyle in 50 and 100 meters events in Group A. He has 10 years of coaching experience and specializes in stroke correction and developing technique and racing skills.