Read what our swimmers say..

“Angie won the Gold medal at her school Championship. She gives full credit to her coaches at Michael Phelps Swim School for her improvement”

“We have been looking for a program like Michael Phelps for four years now, which provides regular feedback, and keeps the parents in the loop”

“I am very happy with the coaching and the management teams at the Michael Phelps Swim School”

“Nidhi has visibly improved under Coach Asif. I am very happy with her progress”

“I only want to learn how to swim by the Michael Phelps team. The coaching provided to me during the Summer Camps has been excellent, and I look forward to joining the regular program as well”
Shyam Sunder

“The swimming sessions are very well constructed and are designed to give each swimmer enough individual attention”

“I am grateful to the management and operations team for their continuous support in understanding and fixing concerns from a customer’s point of view”

“As a regular participant in triathlons, I am delighted that my swimming timing and technique have seen a huge improvement in just 2 weeks under Coach Abhi”

“Sambhav was always afraid of getting in the water, but his coach has worked very hard on helping him gain confidence in the water and he is now comfortable getting in a pool all by himself!”

“Dhruv knew how to swim, but had trouble breathing in the water, which his coach noticed after their first session itself. His coach specifically tailored each class to work on this, and I can see the how his technique has improved after just one Summer Camp with the Michael Phelps Swim School”

“The progress made by Hrishit is very impressive, and is mostly due to the individual attention he gets, since the Michael Phelps Swim School strictly sticks to its student to coach ratio of 6:1”

“Isha loves coming for her swimming class, and gets ready an hour before class is due to start out of excitement at meeting her coach!”

“As a parent, I was surprised and happy to be able to understand what my children were being taught during the camp as a result of the regular assessments and feedback the Michael Phelps Swimming team gave us”

“Ranveer’s time in the pool as part of the Get Wet program was a lot of fun for both him and us. He enjoyed the nursery rhymes and games, and we are sure he will not be afraid of the water going forward”

“I take this opportunity to express my appreciation for Sriram. His patience, commitment to our learning and his clear instructions are commendable. With coaches like Sriram, MPSS has a sure recipe for being successful and effective. From my side - i have to say that i enjoy my classes - your teaching is refreshingly different from what is generally seen.”
Devaki L